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19 March 1917.

Dull wind day. Balloons up in afternoon.

Col went up in No2. I lunched at 5th Coy HQ.

Hugh EW came to tea.


20 March 1917

Blowing a gale W. General Web Bowen visited No23 and 25 Sections with Colonel and me in morning.

No 32’s balloon was about half deflated. Valve tied and another wind screen erected.

1 wind screen post sent to N032 from Wing.

Borwick and Drury went to England. Sent them to Hazebruck in tender and collected stores.

Thornton, Bevan, and Giffard dined here.


21 March 1917

Very windy night. Snow storms. Wind N E.

Called out at 4am to No 32. 2MS Hart and I went over and found wind screen had broken adrift. Secured screen and got a party from No 9 to assist. Balloon about 1/3rd deflated.

Two wind screen posts obtained from 7th Cot’s new bed and sent over to 32. Screens erected on NE side.

Visited No 25 and found their balloon and bed intact.

Visited No 2 in afternoon with Campbell. Balloon was being 

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