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shelled with time shrapnel in air. Bursts over balloon and under it but it was not hit.

Winch also shelled but no damage done.

About 20 5.9 shells burst the other side of Locre Baillieul Road. A few casualties in Locre.

Balloons up in afternoon. No 25 made its first ascent from new position.

Major Lee and Capt Bush dined here. Went to No 15 and inspected store.


22 March 1917

Snow storms but occasional good view in between squalls.

Balloons up in morning. Went to No 9 Section and took 2Lt Craig, RFA Observer on probation.

Lunched at 6th Coy GQ.

Visited No 23 and 32 in afternoon. No 32’s new bed completed.

57 tubes put into balloon today and it made its first ascent.

Quite satisfactory.


23 March 1917

Windy day. Poor view. Balloons up part of afternoon.

No25’s winch broke down this morning owing to magneto burning out and balloon was hauled down by hand. New one supplied by No1 AD and winch in action 

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