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again this afternoon.


24 March 1917

Rather windy day NNE View fair.

Balloons up most of day.

Visited No2 Sectn and interviewed Mackay, who informed me he had been to British School of Motoring, Chelsea. He is applying to be an EO.

Called at 5th Coy HQ.

Went to No 25 in afternoon with Major Nicholson. Ascertained their cable had no thimble in main loop. Ordered one from 6th Coy.

Rose instructed us to send several indents for gas tubes to make his figures come right.

Martyn said we were to keep No 25’s tension meter unless 1AD would exchange it for another.  

Nelson dined here.


25 March 1917

Misty dull day. No wind.

135 Gas tubes arrived for No 2 3 and 15.

Touch of influenza. Did not go out.

Campbell heard he was to rejoin his Regiment tomorrow.


26 March 1917

Windy day. Fair view. Balloons up.

Influenza developing. Did not go out.

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