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11 Febry 1917

 Not so cold. Went to No 2 and 9 in morning. Told Mason to keep 12 pairs of boots in each Section’s Store. Also explained that Section and Co Stores to be absolutely separate and distinct. Suggested that the C0’s second Clerk should be Equipment Clerk. Told him to send up two unserviceable wind screens. Visited No 23 and had lunch there.

12 Febry 1917

 No 23 winch damaged last night.  Neale,  whilst uncovering winch, put gears in mesh, and while turning starting handle drew cable clips into guide wheels, breaking wheels and cracking casting. New parts were not available and this winch (P97) was returned to 1 AD this morning. Winch P71 was issued to replace it. Lt Harding from 1 AD came over and was present during trial tests. Water circulating pump broken and new key had to be supplied. Hauled down on low speed with tension 10 cwt, after two or 3 attempts.

Patent cut out gear not satisfactory. Made sentence to 14 days F P No 2 for neglect of duty.

Col, 2MS and I went to No 2 and adjusted their Cacquot valve line at 9pm.

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