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13 Febry 1917

 Col Charlton came to breakfast at 8am . Went to No 5 Co and No2 with him and showed him Winches, Balloon, Map Room, photographs etc.

Harding (1 AD) arrived at 12.30 and lunched here. Went to No 23 after lunch and again tested winch P71. Hauled down on top speed with 7cwt tension. Washer on oil break requires renewing.

Harding brought over differential case bolts and nuts for No 23’s tender also pump for Wing tender and guide wheels for Delahaye winch.


14 Febry 1917

  Still cold and frosty.

Went to No 2 and had lunch. Then to No 9 and had tea at 6th Corps HQ. Inspected 2 Sidecars and condemned one as being unserviceable.

At 8.30 No 23 reported that their winch was out of action, due to clutch lining having got hot. Clutch was taken down and endeavours mad to fit the old one but without success. At 12.30 I telephoned to No1 AD and arranged for supply of new ferods. Motor cyclist sent for it, but it was not issued till 8.30am.

Explained to Morrison that Parker, his second Storeman must help in store and other men could draw water.

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