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4 April 1917 (contd)

Visited No 2 in afternoon and went round balloon with Briggs who appeared very ignorant.

Told Poole to have an in and out book for MT. Inspected workshop Lorry Engine and instructed Poole to get out report on its condition. Went to No 25 and enquired about their ground sheets and ascertained they had 25 altogether.

Went to No 32 and inspected their Camp.


5 April 1917

Dull morning, but balloons up.

General Webb Bowen here all the morning, looking for German balloons, but none ascended. Stayed to lunch.

Stringer and I examined Capt Lee, Lt Stutchfield, Barnes and Fletcher in care and upkeep of balloons.

Harding came over at my request to look at No 15’s winch which had pump shaft out of true. He passed it for service and explained that they were nearly all like that.

Went to No2’s winch and examined water pump with Harding. He arranged to supply a new one.

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