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5th April contd

Harding also examined No 2’s Twin Austin Engine. New one to be issued if authority can be obtained.

No 25 Section was heavily shelled in the air, but no damage was done. About 22 10cm were sent over.

Inspected Albatross Scout brought down by M N020 Squadron near Neuwe Eglise. Beautiful machine, brand new. Control wire shot away. Blood spattered about nacelle.

6 April 1917

Cold day. Wind increased. Rain in afternoon.

Went to 2nd AAP with Colonel in afternoon and collected stores. No 23 Section’s balloon had a hole discovered in fabric where Starboard fin is attached to main envelope. Hole about 2 inches long.


7 April 1917

Cold day. Fresh wind NE. Balloons up most of the morning and all afternoon.

Went to Meyler’s and had lunch. Took his balloon and winch to most forward position, about 1000 yards ahead of normal position. No shelling and no excitement although this

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