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8 April (cont)

 I was hit on right arm by a piece of anti aircraft shell. Blackened coat and made bruise.


9 April 1917

Windy Stormy day. Frequent hail and Snow storms.

No 23 up for an hour in morning. Went to No23 with Colonel and examined balloon. Explained that 8 tubes used yesterday was not excessive for a long day’s ballooning.

Inspected their parachutes and cases. Visited No 15 and inspected their type C cases which were not at present being used, owing to pull off being excessive. Springs were being stretched.

Visited No 25 in afternoon and inspected their balloon which was rather slack. Suggested they test balloon with leak detectors inside side rudders.

Whitfield went to Hospital.

 Georghan and Col Murphy lunched here.


10 April 1917

Very windy stormy day. No ballooning.

Went to Bailleul in morning and drew pay for men. Visited 6th Coy and stopped to lunch. Brought back 2nd AM Sharpe, who was interviewed by the Col with a view of his obtaining a Commission.


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