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11 April 1917

Cold windy day. No ballooning. Heavy snow fall between 1 and 8pm.

Went to No 32 in morning and inspected their balloon which was far too tight and explained that too much gas was put in last night. Some gas was released through the plug and bags taken off the stern.


12 April 1917

Sunny windy day.

Went to No 2 Sectn and lunched there. Called at 5th Coy HQ and saw Stringer and Biggs.

Visited No 15 Sectn and instructed Nicholson to overhaul line tender and send in report about the other with a view of obtaining its exchange.

Went to No 25 Sectn, who had reported that their rigging was rotten, but this was found to be quite all right. All balloons up in evening.


13 April 1917

Windy day, good view. All balloons up in afternoon.

EO’s meeting held here. EOs informed that no winter clothing need be returned at present.

Went to No 23 in evening.

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