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The Diaries of WWI Balloonist Cyril Gordon Jones

15 Febry 1917

 Cold day and hazy. No work done by balloons.

Lt G W Panter arrived for instruction as Recording Officer. Took him to No 23 and had lunch there.

Examined their work on winch clutch.

Visited No 15 in afternoon and explained to Nichols that he must keep 12 pairs of boots in each section store.

At 5pm No 2 reported that their balloon had no lift. 17 tubes put in her but still no better. Entered ballonet and examined it. Hole about 1 1/2 ins was found in ballonet. Examination to be continued tomorrow.

16 Febry 1917

Went down to No 2 at 6.45am with QMS Hart and further examined ballonet and fabric. No more holes found in ballonet,  but envelope leaked at several seams, especially on rip.

Balloon deflated and new one BM 16 obtained from 1AD

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