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13 April (cont)

Instructed Nicholson and Beard to hasten machine gun stand material for new Sections.

Went to No 32 Section in evening Everything satisfactory.

Hodges and Feulcher dined here.


14 April 1917

Windy day good view. Balloons up for short time in evening, but too much wind for work.

Went to 2nd AAP after tea and took indents.

Concert given by A S C at Hazebruck. Had dinner at 2nd AAP.

New Sections supposed to be arriving tomorrow.


15 April 1917

Wet all day. No ballooning. Very cold.

Went to No15 and tested Tender driver Seer. He was efficient. Visited No 23 and ascertained that all arrangements had been made for reception of new Section.

Instructed Beard, Nicholson and Higman to indent for telephone cable.

No news of new Sections.

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