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16 Febry (cont)

Meeting of EOs at 6 9.30am. Visited Belgian balloon in afternoon with QMS Hart. Endeavoured to inspect valve line connections but could not see through inspection hole

Visited No 23 and found everything correct.

17 Feby 1917

Capt Ecstein (Belgian Balloon Commander) came here and I took him to No 2 and went inside their new balloon. Shewed him valve connection running through thimble, of which he approved. Capt Ecstein stayed to lunch.

Went to 2nd AP in afternoon with indents. Thick fog all day & no view.

18 Feby 1917

 Owing to thaw restrictions special pass had to be obtained for all vehicle . Went to SMTO IX Corps and obtained passes for 13 lorries to cart empty gas tubes. Two trucks loaded (270 tubes)

Visited two new proposed balloon sites with Colonel between Canada Corner and Reminghelst.

Stringer, Wilson, Nicholson and Morrison dined here. Thick fog all day. No view. Thaw restrictions.


19 Feby 1917

 Very misty and no view. Thaw restrictions still in force.

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