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19 Febry (cont)

Visited 5 Balloon Co and No 2 Section in morning. Left rear lorry wheel for No 2 Sectn.

Went to No 25 in afternoon. Inspected camp. Everything correct. Meeting of E Os here at 3pm.


20 Feby 1917

 Rain and mist. No view. Thaw restrictions still imposed.

Rang up Harding 1AD about No 25’s winch parts (P8) Informed they had been wired for to England. He promised to let me know immediately they arrived.


12 Feby 1917

 Very foggy, no view.

Col went on leave and took Jameson. 8 MT drivers and 1 cook arrived from HE. 4 sent to 5 Coy, 3 to 6 Coy and 1 to Wing HQ. Went to No 9 and 32 in afternoon and took over MT men for 6th Co. Told Mason and Morrison to personally examine and check new drivers and report to this office any duds. Stringer dined and slept here.

22 Feby 1917 Very foggy. No ballooning. Stringer and I visited No 15 and inspected their stores. Had lunch at No 15.

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