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22 Febry (cont)

Mayler and Panter called here. Advised Meyler to have Manuel examined n by M O.

Tender went to 2nd AAP for stores and took unserviceable motor bike from No 23.

Harding reported pulley wheels etc for No 25’s winch had arrived and been sent to 2nd AAP.

Col crossed today to England. 2 Lt Hayhe (Experimental Officer, Roehampton) called. QMS Hart took him to No 2 and showed him Cacquot Balloon and preset valve connection.


23 Febry 1917

Very foggy. No ballooning.

Meyler rang up and said that 2nd A M Roseblade was found asleep last night whilst on guard.

Stringer and I went over to 23 and Roseblade was remanded for Court Martial. I took summary of evidence. Stringer stayed night here.

Inspected transport and stores.


24 Febry 1917

Very foggy. No view and no ballooning.

Stringer and I visited 5th Coy and explained to Nelson about marking active batteries on photos.

Visited No 25 and inspected their new camp and forward run. Suggested fascines instead of pit props up the gradient.

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