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24 Febry (cont)

Went to No 32 Sectn and inspected new camp and balloon bed. Arrangements made for getting paint to Depot for wind screens. Took over tool chest.

Called at No 6 Coy HQ and had lunch.

Visited No 9 and found everything correct. Bush dined here.


25 Febry 1917

Foggy and no view. No ballooning.

Shand rang up that two men had committed offences whilst on guard. One leaving his post and N C O not properly posting sentry. Stringer and I went over and cases investigated. Both men were remanded for Court Martial and Stringer detailed me to take Summary of Evidence tomorrow.

Obtained cash to pay Wing H Q. Went to 2nd A A P in evening and saw Major Lee about proposal for drawing Ordnance Stores through Parks instead of through Wing. Showed him draft letter of which he approved. Campbell returned from leave.

3 Cacquet balloons collected for 9, 15 and 23 Secs.


26 Febry 1917

Went to 6th Coy in morning and took Summary of evidence in the cases of A Corpl Hardaker and 2nd AM.

Visited No 9 and tested lift

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