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18 Apl 1917

Still day and misty. No view. Two inches of snow fell between 6and 7am.

No ballooning.

Nelson returned from Hospital. I took him over to 8th Coy in morning.

Geoghan lunched here.

Stringer went to Hospital.

Visited No 25 and 32 in afternoon and inspected their balloons and beds.


19 Apl 1917

Dull misty day. No ballooning.

Went to No 2 in morning and took Gavin aeroplane varnish for his maps.

Inspected No 2’s Store. Suggested all bolts in store should be cleaned and greased. Lunches at 5th Coy HQ.

Stringer was x rayed at Hazebrouck in afternoon.


20 Apl 1917

Still day. Poor view.

Visited Stringer in Hospital at Bailleul. He was in bed but a bit better.

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