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21 April 1917

Poor view in morning but it cleared in afternoon and all balloons up at about 2pm.

Visited No 32 Section at Higman’s request as he thought it was leaking. Discovered leak in rip panel. About 8 tubes were lost. Thoroughly repaired and balloon in air in afternoon.

Went to No 5 Coy and No 2 Section.

Visited No 25 Section and found everything in order. Inspected tools on lorry of No 32 Section. Found tools etc very bad order and reported matter to Higman. Went to No 15 in afternoon and found everything correct.

No 15 Sectn drew serviceable Light Tender No 9589 to replace unserviceable No 24669 which was returned to 2nd AAP.

Visited 7th Corps new Camp and Sections new camp.


22 April 1917

Fine day Good view.

At 5.15 pm No 2 Section’s balloon was shelled by 10cm gun. Balloon was hit and telephone wire cut. Gavin and Watson (Gunner Officer) made parachute descents from 

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