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1200ft.  Balloon lost nearly all gas and was eventually hauled down. Kiting effect kept it up.

About 20 rounds fired.

Balloon packed up. Two gashes in bow and about 40 shrapnel holes in it. No 15’s balloon attacked and 70 holes n made in it by hostile machine. Holes patched and balloon up in 1 ½ hours. At 7.15 pm No 32 were shelled in the air. First or second shell hit balloon and severed telephone cable. 2nd Lt Fulcher was in basket.

Two shrapnel bullets found in padding of basket.

Balloon packed up. 3 large tears under valve and about 20 shrapnel holes in envelop.

Visited Stringer in Hospital.

No 32 started winch in gear and damaged cable.

23 April 1917

Fine day. Very good very in afternoon.

Started at 5am and superintended inflation of No 2 and 32’s balloon. Both balloons in air and working by 5pm. Valve line alterations carried out.

BMS 38 161 tubes.

BMS D38 No 2 Section took 161 tubes. BMS 39 161 tubes.

BMS D39 No 32 Section took 161 tubes (Both the same)

Visited Stringer in Hospital.

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