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5 May (contd)

Tension not exceeding 200 kilos. Winch hauled down at about 4 to 5 hundred feet per minute. Balloon let to about 4000ft.

Harding afterwards inspected new ratchet and pawl fitted to No 32’s winch (HS 1) and passed it quite satisfactory.

Strong wind sprang up at about 7.45 pm. Balloon had rough journey down and Hawkins hurt his foot on landing.

Landon came here.


6 May 1917

Sunny windy day. Strong wind NE. Too much wind for ballooning in morning.

No 32 Section’s balloon shelled on its bed during the night and 8 or 10 holes made in it by shell splinters. About 70 tubes were lost. Camp had to be cleared twice on account of shells. About 50 sent over.

Temporary bed made in another position and balloon bagged down there tonight.

All balloons up in afternoon.


7 May

Fine day. Good breeze NE.

No 32’s old position again shelled. Chart room hit by splinters, but balloon not hurt as it was on temporary bed.

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