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7 May 1917 (contd)

Attended meeting of Wing EOs at 2nd AAP relating to promotion of 3rd Class EOs.

Reported that Lighthouse cylinder adapter was useless owing to threads being wrong and arranged to send in report.

Five minutes bombardment by every available gun on their front at 8.45pm. It was directed against billeting areas as reprisal for recent shelling of our billets.

Capt Marshall reported here at 8.30pm and went t to 6th Coy as Recording Officer.

Genls Humphries, Hamilton-Gordon and Schofield IX Corps watched bombardment from our quarters.


8 May 1917

Dull rainy day. No view. No ballooning.

Went to Ordnance Officer IX Corps and drew 3 bell tents. Called at No 2 Sectn and had lunch.

Took tension meter to No 38 and one piece of 3 ply wood.

Watched new cable wound onto storage drum of winch.

Guide pulleys lowered about ¼ of an inch.

No 23 sent men to No 1 AD to draw winch J2 to replace P97.

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