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4 May (contd)

Baker posted to Wing HQ.

Winch J3 tested at No 9 by Harding and passed satisfactory.

Whilst balloon was being walked to its bed it was caught by a squall and collided with wind screen post tearing a hole 3ft by 1ft in balloon (BMA3) Hole was in bow and most of gas escaped.

Balloon packed up and spare balloon BMS53 substituted. This balloon was inflated with gas 169 tubes.

Only double basket rigging with balloon and tender had to be sent to No 1 AD to collect single basket rigging.

Winch J3 (No 38 Sectn) tried with their balloon. On trial ascent stud of storage drum bearing sheared causing ratchets and bevel to become distorted and rendering winch unserviceable. Harding was manipulating winch at time.

HS5 allotted in its place and J2 returned to No 1 AD


5 May 1917

Fine sunny day and fair view.

Harding came here in morning and winch HS5 tested on No 38’s balloon.

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