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9 May 1917 Fine still day. Moderate view. All balloons up from midday.

Harding arrived at 11.30 am. We went to No 38’s sections winch HS5 and tested it on the balloon. Harding approved of alterations to guide pulleys over surge drums. He arranged to send stronger spring for friction brake on storage drum. Winch P8 (No 25 Sectn) also inspected and Harding reported that it required a thorough overhaul. Lunched at 5th Coy. Went to No 23 and tested J2 on balloon. This worked satisfactorily and was passed as serviceable. Harding took Pte Adams to No1 AD.

Rang up Rose about (1) Valve to replace unserviceable one. (2) Tension meter for 39 (3) Single basked rigging for 7th Coy reserve balloon. He promised to send these things to AD tomorrow.

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