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24 April 1917

Fine beautiful day. Very good view and little wind. Balloons up all day.

A BE machine fouled No2 Sectn telephone cable and broke it.

Geoghan examined Wordingham and Craigie.

2Lt Fulcher went to Hospital.

Light House erected at M11 6.1.6 and tested. It worked satisfactorily.


25 April 1917

Windy dull day. Low cloud, not much ballooning.

 No 2 Section’s balloon was leaking at valve. On examination it was found to be due to two plugs in articulator screw holes being too long and preventing valve from seating.

Report sent to 2nd Brigade.

Martyn instructed me to put No 7 Coy’s Lighthouse in Commission and light it when ordered from today onwards.

Gavin gave permission for No 4 type C toggles to be used instead of No 3 type C for parachute attachments. Also sanctioned our not shortening parachute harness attachment so as to enable Observer to take strain with his arms.

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