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11 May 1917 contd

Very hot still day. Poor view. Balloons up in afternoon.

No 15 reported their balloon BMS19 would not lift off the ground this morning. On examination it was found to be cracked and porous in bow. Leak detector showed leaks when balloon turned over on its side.

Balloon deflated. Balloon (reserve) BMS54 issued to No 15 Sectn and inflated with 166 tubes. Ascents made at 2.30pm.

Visited No 29 Sectn and suggested they stretch 36in canvas over balloon in about four strips to hide it from aerial observation.

EO’s meeting held here and all four EOs went to No 2 Sectn and inspected their machine gun stands. Orders given that all machine gun stands should be made to this pattern.

Following instructions given in accordance with Brigade machine officers orders.

2 drums for each gun.

Ammo to be kept in hut and not under canvas.

Ctges to be taken out of belt every other day.

Each man to fire 200 rounds per week.

BM 43 and 44 allotted to Wing as Reserve in substitution for BMS 53 and 54

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