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12th May 1917

Very hot day. View poor. Balloons up in afternoon.

Went to No 25 Sectn and examined their new balloon FM43 to replace BMS21, which had lost its lift.

From inside fabric did not seem very good.

There were already about 50 patches and 15 additional ones had to be put on. There were several places were rubber surface inside was unusually thin and these were patched.

Rip panel windows had to be solutioned and stuck down and tape put round panels.

FM44 inflated with tubes 166. BMS21 deflated and found to be porous above rigging band.

Went to 2nd AAP with fortnightly indents.


13th May 1917

Dull in morning. Good view in afternoon. Balloons up.

Went to No 23 and took Wilkinson. Examined their winch J2, which had a slight knock in the clutch. This was found to be due to a loose bolt.

Called at 8th Coy HQ and saw Beard. Instructed him to return surplus revolvers and MT parts.

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