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13 May contd

Visited 6th Coy in afternoon and saw Higman.

Went to No 9 and had tea there. Came back with Col in his car. He had been to Sailly and met Col Wise there.

Meeting of Coy Commanders held here in morning. Tender No 18873 (No 9 Sectn) returned to 2nd Sectn AAP, for overhaul and Tender No drawn in substitution.


14 May 1917

Wet night and showery during day. View cleared in evening and all balloons up.

Met Martyn at Poperinghe and went to No 3’s old camp with him to inspect accommodation for 20th Balloon Coy.

Went to 8th Coy HQ and from there back to No 23’s present camp. Examined top of balloon BMS 20 (No 28 Sectn) and found porous places on top, between rip panel and bow. 41 places found through which gas was leaking.

Light Tender sent to No 1AD to collect BM101D (Reserve Balloon).

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