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15th May 1917

Dull cold day. No view no ballooning.

Went to No 23 and inspected their new balloon BM101D and went inside. About fifty places patched inside fabric where weaving appeared to be faulty. Several pin pricks patched.

Valve line alterations by Sergt Millett. Balloon left inflated with air ready to inflate with gas tomorrow.

FM44 (reserve balloon) inflated with air and valve line alterations made. Fabric fair, but several porous places. Went inside and thoroughly examined it. Pull of valve found to be 25lbs when beginning to open About 1/4 on an inch open with 38 Lbs pressure. Balloonet inflated with air and examined and found correct.

Went to 6th Coy for lunch and lunched with Higman. Advised him to get as much Telephone Cable from Corps as possible. Told him he did not carry out shooting with machine gun as suggested at EO’s meeting.


16th May 1917

Windy dull day. No view. No ballooning. Rain all afternoon.

Went to Haggerdorne siding and arranged about truck for empty gas tubes Tomorrow.

Called at 6th Coy and brought back 113 yards of 2ft 8ins calico.

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