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16 May contd.

Went to 2nd AAP in afternoon and had windscreen fitted.

Brought back TM45 (Reserve balloon for 7th Coy.)

Obtained side car clip from unserviceable Side Car for No 23 Section sidecar.

BM 101 inflated with 182 tubes.

2 Lt Lamb RFA brought back from Hazebruck and attached to No25 as Observer on Probation.


17 May 1917

Misty dull muggy day. No ballooning.

Went to No 2 Sectn and 5th Coy in morning. Toured probable position of No 2 balloon behind Kemmel.

Visited 6th Coy and No 9 Sectn and arranged that Mason consulted Higman about Armstrong Hut for Wing and informed no result tomorrow. Instructed Mason to see about tents for Nos 9 and 32 Sectn. Streamer completed for No 2 Sectn .

Saw mention in yesterday’s paper.

18th May 1917

Dull windy morning balloons up in afternoon.

Col went to RFC HQ and stayed the night.

No 32’s lorry received direct hit

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