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whilst at Vlamenginghe collecting bricks and was burnt. The driver was not hurt but his tunic and breeches were scorched.

Visited lorry in afternoon and managed to have it hauled back tonight. Both back tyres burnt and nothing left of lorry except iron work.

No 9 Section’s balloon attacked by German aeroplane. Two bullets put through the basket but the envelope was not damaged except by anti aircraft, which made two holes. Creswell and Stutchfield made parachute descents. Stutchfield broke a bone in his ankle whilst landing.

Stringer and Mason went to Arras.


19 May 1917

Hot still day. Balloons up. Visited No 25’s advanced position and bed with Stringer in morning.

Fuller and Hodges were wounded by shell fire whilst visiting a battery. Fuller’s leg had to be amputated but he died later on. Hodges lost a foot.

Winch J4 received from No 1AD and taken in charge of No 25 Sectn.

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