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20th May 1917

Dull still day. Poor view. Balloons up in afternoon.

Martyn came here and went to No 15 Section with me. Examined lorry hit and burnt by shell fire and decided to sent it direct to No 14 AD informing 2nd AAP what done and giving them numbers etc.

Went to No 23 old camp and inspected site for 20th Coy’s new Camp.

Explained that two store tents were available at Proven.

Lunched with Meyler at 8th Coy HQ.

Visited No 39 and found everything correct.


21st May 1917

Hot muggy day. Poor view.

Went to 6th Coy and had lunch. Examined No 32’s balloon and found it was leaking where fabric overlaps at panels in about 50 places. There were also a few porous places.

Visited No 2 and found their balloon was also leaking in panels, but not so badly as No 32.

FM45 inflated with air and valve alterations made.


22nd May 1917

Wet in morning. Fine and good view in afternoon.

General Trenchard came to

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