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lunch and visited No 38, 15 and 23.

Harding came from No1 AD and preliminary tests on Winch J4 (No25 Sectn) carried out successfully.

23rd May 1917

Hot sunny day. Poor view. Balloons up in afternoon.

General Trenchard still in neighbourhood. Visited No9 Sectn. Several officers reported from Southern Wings for duty here.

BM23 condemned and deflated after days work Would not lift two observers beyond 2000ft with 164 tubes and replaced 38D on charge of No 2 Sectn.


24th May 1917

Hot sunny day. Windy. Clouds low. Balloons up most of day. Thornton “ill” in balloon.

Visited No2 Section.

Silicol plants arrived.

20th Coy (No 2 22 and 34 Sectn). Arrived yesterday.


25th May 1917

Hot still day. Balloons up in afternoon. Poor view.

EO’s meeting held here.

Advised them to have special long handling guys made for

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