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25 May continued

balloons with no knots in them for walking balloons across Country.


26th May 1917

Hot sunny day. Poor view.

No 22 Sectn attached to 7th Coy and No 34 to 5th Coy.

Fortune returned to Unit RFA. Went to No 25’s forward position with Stringer, also inspected spot for Silicol plant of 5th Coy behind Kemmell.

Visited to 7th Coy and went with Nicholson to No 5 and inspected their present Silicol plant position. Found a spot for forward position. Visited extreme proposed forward position of No 2 with Col in evening.


27th May 1917

Very hot sunny day. Balloons up most of day.

Went to No 2 Sectn and inspected their Silicol plant and site.

Visited No 9 Sectn and inspected their balloon BMS53 which was leaking badly in every panel at diagonal seams. About 1/3rd of its gas was lost last night. Took over reserve balloon BMA4 and arranged for them to inflate it with gas during afternoon.

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