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27 May 1917

Lunched at 6th Coy.

No 15 reported their balloon was damaged by a collision with a tree. Went to No 15 and found two large rents about 3ft long whilst they were endeavouring to mend rent I advised them it was too bad to repair and allocated FM 45 (reserve) in its place.

About 1/3rd of gas in BM54 was saved and transferred to FM45.

FM 45 (No 15 Sectn) inflated with 120 tubes and gas from BM54. BMA inflated with 160 tubes.

BM39d (No 32 Sectn) leaking badly and report sent in to RFC HQ. Winch J4 unserviceable. (Clutch)


28th May 1917

Good view. Very hot and sunny.

Rose (No 1 AD) came and took samples of gas from BM39 and 53. He brought 2 balloon nets (for No 22 and 2 34 Sects) also spare valve for 5th Coy.

Went inside No 22 Sectn balloon FM75 which was very poor

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