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28 May contd

and several panels were covered with thousands of pin holes, which were only covered with solution.

Harding No 1 AD came in afternoon and supervised dissembling clutch of J4 (No 25 Sectn) Found that springs had slipped off castings. Clutch assembled again by 10am.

Informed Curwin in morning and explained that No 34’s winch SN503 was being used.

FM24 (No 2 Sectn) was hit by shell fire last night on its bed and ten holes made.

Gavin was badly wounded in foot last night whilst clearing men out of camp and his foot had to be amputated.


29th May 1917

Cool dull day. No view till about 6.30pm.

Went to No 23 and examined their balloon BMS 101D. It was leaking at the diagonal seams in the panels just like other English balloons. Visited 8th Coy HQ and took Beard 30ft of calico for making flags for cable. Instructed him to makeclips for flags, 4 per section. Informed Russell about making

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