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 flags for sections, and asked him to have clips made.


30th May 1917

Hot day. Ballooning in afternoon.

No 38’s Winch HS5 broke down owing to thrust ring on clutch breaking. Reported to RFC HQ and winch P96 allotted in its place.


31st May 1917

Cool morning. Very hot in middle of day.

Winch P96 arrived from No 1 AD. Harding came over and tested it in afternoon. Quite satisfactory. Hauled down on top speed at about 400ft per minute. Tension up to 15cwt hauling down.

Examined J4 (No 25 Sectn) and Harding passed work done on it by No 25 Sectn as good. HS3 (No 39 Sectn) also examined and spring on ratchet replaced.

No 39 Sectn balloon BMA4 was attacked by

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