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German aeroplane at midnight, but it missed the balloon and observer did not parachute.

Considerable shelling of back areas in this neighbourhood at night.

Col Byng (5th Balloon Wing) spent day here.

“V day”

1st June 1917

Very hot day. Poor view. Balloons up all day.

Got up at 5am and moved No 15 Sectn balloon to advanced position. Completed journey of about 2500 yards in 45 minutes. BMS97D (No 5 Sectn) inflated with one nurse balloon and 140 tubes. In air at 12 midday. 4 Tubes caught fire whilst inflation was proceeding, but sandbags were put on hose and fire stopped without damage.

Arrangements made for conveying tubes to GS BT and Cuderdon. Hostile shelling round Dickiebush and Locre at night.

V Day.

13 Balloon Coy arrived at Pesrlh......

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