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2nd June 1917

Dull day. View indifferent. All balloons up.

Called on Campbell at Meteren.

Other sections moving forward.


3rd June 1917

Hot sunny day. Fair view. Balloons up all day.

Winch P78 arrived at No32 to replace HS1, which was returned to No1AD.

Thornton went home to rest.

Went to 2nd AAP and collected urgent stores.

Collected 20 miles of twisted D twin telephone cable from 2nd Army Signals.

No3 Sectn (13th Coy) lorry hit by shell and completely destroyed. No2 Sections balloon was attacked by hostile aeroplane at 9.20pm, but no damage was done except 40 holes were made. Bolitho and Lamb made parachute descents.

Bombardment of Wytscheate Wood at 11am.

Barrage at 3pm on Army Front.

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