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4th June 1917

Hot sunny day. Balloons up most of the day.

Stevenson (No 1AD) came over and winch P78 was tested and pass serviceable.

No 3 and 4 Sectn (13th Coys) balloons were inflated with gas. FM37 (No 4 Section) was found to be unserviceable and it was replaced by Reserve balloon BM95.

BM95 inflated with tubes. FM62 (No2 Sectn) inflated with ..... tubes. Ten balloons up for first time today.

Went to 13th Coy and informed Howard of all 2nd Brigade Traffic Regulations. Examined lorry hit by shell.

FM43 found to be leaking and a few panels repaired. Feared porous Informed Currin. Met Barker a friend of mine in Tanks.


5th June 1917

Hot day. Fair visibility. Balloons up all day.

Went to No 25 in evening and examined FM43, which was porous and leaking in several light panels under. It was condemned and BM 105d substituted.

No 32’s winch P78 broke clip

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