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7th June 1917

Cool in early morning.

Zero Day. 2nd Army Offensive commenced at 3.10am. (Zero Hour) HQ Staff occupied our Mess.

At 3.10 am mines were exploded all along our front including a very large one at Hill 60.

No 34 Section (Lucas and Gibbs) flew from a point about 2000 yds from trenches.

At 11am Red, Blue and Black Line had been occupied and offensive going well. All balloons up except No 3 whose winch had been lent to No 15.

Shrapnel burst over our mill at 9am. No damage done. All balloons advanced during the day.

Nos 2, 3,4 and 9 were shelled, the latter having 2 men wounded.


Winch HS5 allotted to replace winch P 89. HS 5 arrived and tested at No 3 Section, whose Delahaye Winch had been lent to No15. Worked quite satisfactorily.

Cages full of Bosh Prisoners.

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