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8th June 1917.

Very hot muggy day. Misty all day and poor visibility. Balloons up.

Went to No 38 in afternoon and examined their balloon which was leaking at diagonal seams but not very badly.

Visited No 22 at their advanced position and walked to end of Vierstraat Road, which was quite good enough for winch right up to our original lines.

Found German Helmet etc.


9th June 1917

Hot day. Poor view. Balloons up most of day.

Major Currin came here and I took him to No 38 and inspected their balloon BMS59, which was leaking at diagonal seams, but not very badly.

I also took him to No 23 and examined BM101D, which was also slightly leaking at the diagonal seams. Major Currin advised that we should carry on with these two balloons.

Delahaye and HS5 winch exchanged between Nos 3 and 15 Sections.

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