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10th June 1917

Dull foggy day, much cooler.

No view all day.

8th and 20th Coy struck off our strength and taken on strength of 5th Balloon Wing from midday today.

6(5.5) cables received and issued to Sections.


11th June 1917

Poor view, balloons up part of day.

Bush and Meteor Hayrbruck came here after lunch and I took them to Wyscheate Ridge.

Got German Rifle and Bayonet.


12 June 1917

Hot day. Poor view. Balloons up most of of day. Very severe thunderstorm and heavy rain in evening.

Visited No 215 and 38 Sections in afternoon and found everything all right. No 38’s balloon leaking rather badly at diagonal seams.

Went to No 25, who complained that their balloon was unsteady and arranged to make a trip in it and adjust rigging.

Dined at 5th Coy HQ.

Drury was posted to Wing.  Very dud.

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