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12th June continued

20th Balloon Coy struck off our strength and taken on charge of 5th Balloon Wing. Nos 34 and 2 Sections exchanged balloons.

No 22 Section took away 132 full tubes and 1 empty leaving 9 empty behind.

13th June 1917

Hazy day, very hot. Poor view.

BMS59 (No 38 Sectn) condemned as unserviceable and porous. It was deflated and packed up.

Reserve Balloon BMS116 was allotted in replacement. Report on No 9 Section’s tender breaking its connection rod was received and sent 2nd Brigade.

Wilson started on leave.


14 June 1917

Very hot day. Good view. Balloons up all day.

BMS.116D (No 38) Section inflated with 182 tubes of gas. Trial trip took 27 bags of ballast to 2000ft vertically over winch.

Called at No 15 and inspected their balloon which had been flying at a bad angle. This was

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