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14th June (cont)

due to air scoop getting closed to prevent fins from inflating.

Visited No 25 Section and found everything in order.

Lunched at 5th Coy.

Major Burley RAMC came here in afternoon and went to 5th Coy.


15th June 1917

Very hot still day. Poor view.

Went to 7th Coy in morning and afterward to No 15 Section. Thoroughly examined their balloon FM45 and tested it all over. Very slight signs of a leak at diagonal seams. Several panels sweaty and turning black. Made ascent in afternoon. Balloon had good lift. Took Church and myself to 3400ft with 3 bags, and still had large reserve of lift. After Metallic arms were slack all the time in the air.

Visited 6th Coy but everyone was out. Called at 5th Coy met Higman there and discussed Examination of Observers on probation.

Dined at 5th Coy.

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