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16th June 1917

Very hot day. No view in morning. Fair visibility in afternoon.

Went to 6th Coy and had lunch. Arranged with Higman about examination of observers on probation and went through questions with him.

Visited No 9 Sectn and inspected their balloon.

Went to Bizet with Bolitho but owing to hostile shelling we could not get as far as the Church. Wheel of tender was hit by a piece of shell.

Visited No 32 Sectn, who were moving camp. Their balloon was up at 5900ft.

No 34 Sectn’s balloon exploded and Lt Lucas and Capt Wilkinson were killed.



17th June 1917

Hot day. Thundery. View in afternoon. Went to Brigade to lunch. No 9’s balloon was shelled but not hit.

Stringer left and went to Hospital. Meyler took over.

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