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18th June 1917

Very hot morning. Fair view by midday.

Monsr Babain and St Andrè (Interpreter) spent day here. Monsr Babain represents “L’Illustration”. I took him to No 38 Sectn and showed him balloon inflated with air and one with gas. Explained winch and showed him parachute etc. He lunched and dined here.

Very bad thunderstorm in afternoon, accompanied by severe hail and wind. No32 Sectn’s balloon BMS 96D carried away a good deal of its rigging at the rigging band and the balloon broke adrift. It crashed into a farm house and tore itself into pieces.

Col and I visited the Sectn and examined the remains of the balloon. Valve was damaged. 3 balloons from Argues blew away.


19th June 1917

Bad thunderstorms most of day.

Balloons up in afternoon. BM99D (No 23) was inflated with 165 tubes of gas.

Meyler and Laycock came to lunch also Gubbins.

Majors Lee and Boyd came to tea.

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