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20th June 1917

Cooler day. Fair view. All balloons up in afternoon.

Went to No 9 Section and examined their balloon, which was quite satisfactory.

Tried to go to Bizet with Blot but the road was being shelled and we were unable to approach the Church.

At 5.15pm 2 German Albatross Fighting Machines attacked No 32’s balloon (BM99D) and burnt it. Bateman and Forrest made parachute descents. The same two enemy machines attacked and burnt No 9’s balloon (BM98D) and burnt it. Cresswell and Oliver made successful, parachute descents, Oliver slightly cutting his hand.

Reserve balloons BM121 and 107D issued to No 9 and 32 respectively.

BM121D (N09Sectn) inflated with tubes and in air at 3pm.


21st June 1917

Cold dull morning. Good view in morning. Rain in afternoon.

BM107D (No 32 Sectn) inflated with tubes. All balloons up in morning. Balloons BM131D allotted as reserve and collected from No1AD. BM98 and 99 returned to No1AD.

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