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21st June Contd

BM98&99 returned to No 1 AD

Great shortage of gas. Silicol plants had to be started again. Corpl Eves went to HE for remustering.

Meyler lunched and dined here.

I went to No 32 at 5.30am and took rigging box from 5th Coy. Had breakfast at 6th Coy. Inspected No 9’s balloon.

Heavy rain squalls during afternoon.

Informed Major Currie we were using Silicol plants and complained about slow transit of full tubes by rail.

20th Coy (5th Wing) balloon unsuccessfully attacked.


22June 1917

Cold wet windy day.

EO’s meeting cancelled as examination of Observers on Probation being held here at 10am.

Seven Observers on Probation examined by Higman and me. 4 passed 3 failed.

A little ballooning in afternoon and evening.

The balloon North of our Northern one was unsuccessfully attacked by hostile aeroplane.

Meyler dined here.

1st AM Trott wounded when

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