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24th June 1917

Remains of BM107, 116 and FM 68 returned to No1 AD.

Balloons BM130D and BMA9 were issued as reserve and sent to 7th and 6th Corps respectively.


25th June 1917

Dull day and very cloudy. All balloons up in morning. Strong patrols protecting balloons, and no attacks made.

No 9 were heavily shelled all day by 24cm gun. One burst enveloped basket in smoke and Jolly made parachute descent. Balloon not hit and no damage done.

Rain in evening.

Col Byng dined here. Col Booth still here.


26th June 1917

Vey misty in morning. Good view in afternoon. All balloons up.

At 2.45 No 2’s balloon BM118D was attacked but did not catch fire. Lt Whitlock made parachute descent and landed safely.

Hun put one bullet through parachute and several through the

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