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27th June Contd

Nos 2 and 32 were shelled in the air but no damage was done.

Col went on leave till the 8th July.

Balloon BM 132 D allotted to replace 129.


28th June 1917

Rained all night.

At 7 am I noticed Balloon flying close to Mont des Cats. Afterwards ascertained it was tethered to hop pole. Meyler and I went there in tender at 9 am and found an English balloon attached to the top of a hop pole. The extreme end of the cable was caught round the hop pole.

F/Sergt Wardell, Corpl Sawyers and 16 men came from No2 with a snatch block and hauled balloon down by hand. It afterwards turned out to be one from 1st Wing which broke adrift this morning. All maps in basket, including NF map.

Balloon deflated, packed and collected by 1st Balloon Wing.

No 9 and 38 were shelled in the air. Jolly and Oliver made parachute

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