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descents from No 9, owing to telephone cable being cut, and good Hun shooting.

No 9’s balloon remained up in ballast.

At 8.20pm it was struck by lightning and burst. The balloon was wet and did not burn.


29th June 1917

Low clouds and poor view. Balloons up in afternoon.

BMS135D allotted to complete reserve establishment.

At 7am a balloon was seen flying close to Mont des Chats. At 9am Meyler and I went to the spot and found it was tethered to a hop pole, with about 1200ft of cable out. 16 men came from No2 Section with a snatch block and it was hauled down and deflated. It was found to be a balloon from 1st Wing, which had broken adrift that morning. (This happened yesterday)

BMA9 (No 9 Sectn) was inflated with 155 tubes and 5000 cubic feet of Silicol gas.

10 men arrived to make tube dump at B5. Inspected position and pointed out what was to be done.

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